Remodeling Services

Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Remodels

As with any room in the home, there comes a time when replacement and upgrades must be implemented. J&H Plumbing can assist with smaller residential plumbing jobs, as well as complete bathroom and kitchen plumbing remodels. We are here to help you with any bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs or to restore your plumbing to a new and improved version you have envisioned. We understand what it takes to accomplish the task.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is a fun and challenging task that can take your standard bathroom/kitchen and transition it into a room that is functional/ comfortable, and has your personal signature on it! When it comes to the bathroom or kitchen, the entire project can become something that you have created with your personal needs in mind. The details require a lot of thought. Our residential customers look forward to our reliable service on plumbing jobs ranging from simple sink and faucet replacements to a complete room remodel.

Commercial Plumbing Remodels

We also do commercial tenant improvement projects. Take an existing suite and reconfigure the floor plan and install new drain and vent piping along with new hot and cold water piping. Install new grease trap interceptors and septic tanks if needed. Office spaces, dentist offices, break rooms and up to complete new construction restaurant projects are some of the projects we have completed in the past 25 years. Public projects such as schools, public safety buildings and Indian reservation work as well. We enjoy the full accomplishment of taking something old or broken and making it a new and improved final result that everyone can enjoy for years to come.